The concept of circularity in fashion has been heard of for a couple of years now. But these actions seem to be really complicated for certain individuals.
Here’s some information you need to know to make fashion circular from the comfort of your bed.

Credits: Your guide to the circular fashion economy

Let’s start with why. Why does…

Fashion and not-that-techy: Moschino puppets show
Super-Natural: Virtual Reality Fitness Classes
QR Codes: fashion’s new tech essential

Fashion innovations in 2019 were surprisingly unreal for many people. But 2020, mainly because of the pandemic and it’s consequences, is taking a whole new level. Every brand is trying to stay on-trend…

Girlfriend Collective, one of my favorites inclusive brands!

As I keep on thinking, plus-size ranges are still an issue in the fashion industry. Many brands proclaim themselves to be inclusive when selling XL items and using only XS models. Many of us still shop from those brands, but we definitely need to educate ourselves on this topic. …

Fashion brands need to adopt technologies faster. Technology is the answer, and the whole industry needs to adapt.

2020 started with a lockdown surprise. Fashion brands needed to adopt technologies faster, without being prepared. Working on the entire digitalization of companies is an urgent matter to brands’ survival. All without…


Creative writer, I’m passionate for fashion, sustainability and technology.

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